Civil Engineering Design Services

Crescent View Engineering’s staff has experience designing an array of civil
construction drawings, including large, multi-million dollar projects, all the way to
small civil upgrades to an existing site.  We have designed everything from
municipal public projects that go through a general contractor bid process, to
grading plans for single family homes or commercial sites.  We are level II
designed certified for erosion control design by the GSWCC.  We truly believe that
there is no project too big or too small, and we treat each project with the same
respect we give to our clients. Before beginning the design process for civil
construction drawings, we make sure we thoroughly understand the client’s
requirements, goals, and expectations. We then engage in an efficient design
process and utilize the latest technological advances to provide a polished
finished product for our clients.  Our goal is to create designs that allow for ease
of construction and project understanding.  We know that when clients entrust us
with a project, they want to be heavily involved in the design process.  We
differentiate ourselves from other firms by prioritizing our communication with our
clients to create a superior final product.
Conceptual Layout Plans
Full Civil Site Construction Documents
Hydrology Studies/Stormwater Management Reports
Hydraulic Studies/Pipe Design
House Layout Plans
MRPA Vulnerability Studies
Storm Drainage Design
Developments of Regional Impact Studies
Zoning/Municipal Code Research
LEED Strategy for Project Certification
Construction Specifications
Utility Planning and Design
Roadway Design Construction Documents
Traffic Impact Studies/Traffic Engineering Studies
Intersection Improvements and Roadway Widening
Freeway Interchange Design
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Enhancements
ES&PC/BMP Design
Municipal Land Disturbance Permitting Services
FEMA Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) Reporting and Permitting
FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Reporting and Permitting
FEMA Flood Studies
Base Flood Elevation Determination Reports
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and Stormwater Management Plan
Bid Package Preparation
Construction Shop Drawing Review
Construction Management and Administration
Notice of Intent/Notice of Termination Preparation  
Transportation Engineering

Our transportation engineering expertise can provide a wide range of
transportation solutions.  We provide traffic engineering and impact studies,
traffic operation design, and roadway design that incorporate approaches of
Context Sensitive Solutions and Value Engineering.  We understand the
importance of the plan development process (PDP) and the involvement of
stakeholders and the public throughout the entire process.  We have
successfully completed projects for GDOT, ALDOT, MsDOT, VDOT, and many
local DOTs.

We Provide the Following Services:
Hydrology Design and Floodplain Evaluation

modeling reports.  The potential for structure flooding is a primary concern
during design.  Crescent View Engineering utilizes a multitude of information
available to determine upstream basins draining to a site.  These include
surveying, GS data and USGS map data.  Once a basin is determined, Crescent
View uses current accepted engineering practices to determine an accurate flow
Crescent View Engineering provides extensive hydrologic and hydraulic rate for
different storm events contributing to the stormwater runoff on the project. We are
proficient in a multitude of hydrology modeling software, including US Army Corp
of Engineers HEC-RAS and HY8 programs.  We have successfully permitted
projects to meet the stormwater ordinance in local Georgia municipalities, the
State of Georgia, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  
LEED Engineering

Today, more than ever, construction projects not only have to serve functionality,
but they also must be sensitive to the surrounding environment.  Our
experienced LEED Accredited Professionals use their knowledge in
implementing LEED principles through our civil engineering design and
consulting services.